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In-Situ Combustion Thermal Recovery: A Tribute to Professor Gordon Moore

Guest Editors: Catherine Laureshen, University of Calgary, and Reza Fassihi, Beyond Carbon, LLC
Professor Gordon Moore of the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) has been studying in-situ combustion and air injection oil recovery technologies for the past nearly 50 years. He has conducted more than 450 combustion tube runs and has published more than 500 papers, patents, technical reports, etc. on this topic. He has truly dedicated his academic life to understanding the mechanisms involved in this process and how to apply it in oil fields in order to increase oil recovery. We believe the SPE thermal recovery experts would all agree on the significant impact he has had on this technology. In recognition of his lifetime achievements and as a tribute to his services, all subject matter experts and thermal recovery professionals are encouraged to submit papers for inclusion in this special issue.

This special issue will be focusing primarily on air injection/in-situ combustion with supplementary papers on steam injection and other forms of thermal recovery. 

Note: This special issue is being compiled in real time. New papers will appear below in the order that they are accepted for publication.


Methods to Enhance Success of Field Application of In-Situ Combustion for Heavy Oil Recovery
T. Harding
SPE Res Eval & Eng (in press; posted online 13 July 2022)

Broad Ion Beam–Scanning Electron Microscopy Characterization of Organic Porosity Evolution During Thermal Treatment of Bazhenov Shale Sample 
T. Karamov, E. Leushina, E. Kozlova, and M. Spasennykh
SPE Res Eval & Eng (in press; posted online 1 August 2022)

New Insights into the Understanding of In-Situ Combustion: Important Considerations When Modeling the Process
D. Gutierrez and D. G. Mallory
SPE Res Eval & Eng (in press; posted online 5 August 2022)

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