This paper first establishes a comprehensive semianalytical model for a horizontal well in a homogeneous, dual- or triple-porosity reservoir. By taking a negative-skin approach, including Laplace transform, separation of variables, and inverse Laplace transform, we obtain the solutions in a unified formula for both constant-rate production and constant-wellbore-pressure production. In the model, we consider a set of rich boundary conditions, including infinite reservoir and closed or constant-pressure boundary conditions for the top, bottom, and side of the bounded reservoir. Consequently, we plot a series of new standard log-log type curves and make a clear observation of different flow periods (e.g., early radial flow, hemiradial flow, linear flow, and late pseudoradial flow) from negative-skin type curves. We make a comparison between the solutions using the negative-skin approach and conventional solutions, which shows that there are some small differences between the two methods. We also analyze the type-curve characteristics for horizontal-well production in dual- and triple-porosity reservoirs, which shows that the derivative curves are V-shaped for dual media and W-shaped for triple media. Finally, we perform well-test interpretations for a horizontal well with positive skin and a horizontal well with negative skin and bottomwater, which shows that our new model performs well against the real field data.

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