During waterfloods of six outcrop chalk core-plug samples prepared at various wettabilities, simultaneous local pressures and in-situ fluid saturations were measured. Using high-spatial-resolution magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) to image fluid saturations and pressure taps with semipermeable disks to measure individual phase pressures allowed calculations of relative permeabilities and the dynamic capillary pressure curves for the imbibition processes. A second objective was to identify individual-fluid saturation changes caused by spontaneous imbibition and viscous displacement to determine the local recovery mechanism and to calculate local recovery factors and in-situ Amott-Harvey indices. The obtained results contribute to improved description and understanding of multiphase-fluid flow in porous media, including in situ measurements of relative permeabilities, dynamic capillary pressure curves, Amott-Harvey Indices, and local oil-recovery mechanisms.

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