This paper (SPE 51395) was revised for publication from paper SPE 26644, first presented at the 1993 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Houston, 3-6 October. Original manuscript received for review 25 October 1993. Revised manuscript received 1 October 1997. Paper peer approved 28 January 1998.


New empirical pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) correlations for estimating bubblepoint pressure, solution gas-oil ratio (GOR), bubblepoint oil formation volume factor (FVF), and undersaturated isothermal oil compressibility have been developed as a function of commonly available field data.

Results show that these PVT properties can be predicted with average absolute errors ranging from 0.64% for bubblepoint oil FVF to 6.66% for undersaturated isothermal oil compressibility.

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