A generalized semianalytical productivity model, accounting for any well and reservoir configuration has been constructed and presented recently. The model allows for the production or injection prediction of any well (vertical, horizontal, deviated) and reservoir configurations in both isotropic and anisotropic media. Partially completed wells can also be simulated. A concern in modern reservoir management is the potential desirability of multiple horizontal laterals, frequently emanating from the same vertical well. Once pseudosteady state is reached, the productivity index differences among various well configurations are diminished. Thus, multiple laterals in higher-permeability formations, draining an assigned "box," may not offer incremental benefits. However, at early time and under transient conditions in low- to medium-permeability reservoirs, the relative productivity improvements provided by multiple laterals may result in sufficient incremental benefits to warrant their drilling. This paper presents a series of parametric studies for a range of reservoir permeabilities and permeability anisotropies for various multiple well configurations. The desirability or lack thereof for these configurations is demonstrated.

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