Determinations were made of the viscosity of the liquid phase and of the volume of mixtures of gas and liquid samples from the production trap of a well in the Santa Maria Valley field in California. Measurements were made at 100°, 190°, and 250°F. and at pressures up to 5000 lb. per square inch.


In recent years a reasonable quantity of experimental data has been accumulated concerning the volumetric behavior and the viscosity of hydrocarbon systems. One of the main objectives for such work is the attempt to predict the properties of naturally occurring hydrocarbon mixtures under the conditions encountered in nature. At the present time the volumetric behavior of homogeneous hydrocarbon mixtures can be predicted with reasonable accuracy within certain ranges of composition over a relatively wide range of temperature and pressure. Heterogeneous systems offer a more difficult problem. The viscosity of both simple and complex hydrocarbon mixtures has been investigated in some detail. Nevertheless, information regarding this property is as yet insufficient to permit dependable forecasts for many cases of practical interest. For this reason a study of the volumetric behavior and the viscosity of the liquid phase of several mixtures of oil and gas from the Santa Maria Valley field was carried out.

T.P. 1588

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