Centra Gas, a Local Distribution Company in Winnipeg, Canada, has installed an integrated transient simulation model and SCADA system. This is a completely Windows NT@ pipeline operating system that allows the simulation model to recall historical transient pipeline conditions and replay historically saved SCADA data from a transient. This system does not require or assume steady state conditions. The system is designed to allow operators to review the transient as it occurred, or to intervene and train on their response to the transient condition

Centra Gas Manitoba Inc.

Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. is the sole natural gas distribution company for the entire province of Manitoba, Canada. The company provides naturai gas service to approximately 230,000 customers in more than 90 towns and locations throughout the province. Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westcoast Energy Inc. The company's headquarters are located at 444 St. Mary Avenue in Winnipeg, with regional offices in the cities of Brandon, Dauphin, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach, and Winkler. It's operations are regulated by the Public Utility Board of Manitoba. There are more than 600 employees working for Centra Gas Manitoba. These employees are responsible for the supervision of the safe operation, maintenance, and gas distribution of the pipeline system, and providing the very best in customer service. Distribution Network The Centra Gas pipeline system is a combination of both transmission and local distribution networks. The natural gas is received from the Tram+Canada Pipeline system and is the sole natural gas delivery system for the population of Manitoba. Its operations include the management of more than 5,300 kilometers (3,180 miles) of transmission mains and distribution pipelines. The customer base for Centra Gas is made up of approximately 70% industrial and 30% residential consumption. The pipeline network delivers natural gas with significant seasonal swings in demand, the capacity ranges from 5.38 Million Cubic Meters per day with 1.0 Million being delivered to customers and the remaining 4.38 Million being placed in storage during the summer to approximately 16.0 Million Cubic Meters being delivered to customers during the winter months. SCADA Replacement Centra Gas has begun a process of modernizing and upgrading its system to provide additional capacity and monitoring of existing stations. The legacy SCADA system is approximately 11 years old and was designed and installed by Fisher. The recent announcement by Fisher that they would no longer support their SCADA systems installed base and that they would no longer implement SCADA systems proved to be an impediment to the planned upgrade program. The present pipeline system uses two different types of monitoring devices, ROMET EVC and HP 48000 RTU's. Centra Gas is replacing the ROMET RTU's with newer Mercury EC-AT RTU's and will be replacing the HP 48000's in the near future. The Fisher SCADA system is a closed system and does not support the communications protocols for the new RTU's.

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