Economically optimizing DRA within a crude pipeline is simple when using an optimization program, however it is challenging and important to understand how the optimization works. This paper will address a methodology of how DRA and power are optimized to minimize economic costs. Then an analysis will look into how velocity, fluid viscosity, DRA performance, pump spacing, pipe size, cost of electricity, and cost of DRA affect economic optimization results. Finally, this paper discusses several key factors that affect decisions such as building new stations or laying new pipelines versus increasing DRA injection rates into existing assets.


Energy is consumed in order to move a barrel of oil. DRA decreases the amount of energy that is required to move that barrel of oil. A price associated with both energy consumption to transport a barrel of oil and DRA utilized to reduce the energy consumption. The goal of optimizing DRA usage is to minimize the total cost to move each barrel of oil from origination to destination.

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