The aim of the paper is to describe the possibilities of using various modeling techniques, such as real time transient model, online look-ahead model and some offline calculations for operational planning. Short time horizon of one or two days is being considered for the planning tasks. The plan is being prepared typically for the upcoming "gas day". Special emphasis is placed on effective network operation on the nominations and allocations.

The paper describes how the following methods and algorithms support the planning tasks. Real time transient model and online look-ahead model are used to determine the initial state for planning. Both of them are integrated with SCADA system, the look-ahead model is also connected to the load forecast system. Based on the given load of network, the computation scenario for offline transient model is prepared. Heuristic algorithm provides support for preparation and evaluation of the simulation calculation. As a main criterion for selecting the optimal solution, the consumed fuel gas is used, and further on, exceeding set limits and boundaries is evaluated. Finally, the paper indicates ideas and opportunities for further development and implementation.

Practical use can be demonstrated on the implementation at NET4GAS, which is the major gas transmission system operator in the Czech Republic. The integrated planning tool has been developed, well suitable for creation and optimization of short-term transportation plans. During the implementation was verified, being proven that implemented solution gives the desired benefits for operational dispatching decision support and advanced grid control.

The liberalization of the energy market in the Europe brings new requirements for simulation. Concepts mentioned in this article are focused on these requirements.

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