With the Visual Storage Scheduler one can visually schedule the usage of supply and storage's in a winter period. Winter will be passed through with monthly steps. For each month there is a Load Duration Curve (LDC). Deliverability of storage is dependent on used working volume, which is depicted in a storage envelope (SE). The usual way to calculate storage volume is by drawing a flow line in the LDC and calculate the volume by taking an area. If the combination of flow and volume is outside the SE the flow line must become lower. By transforming the LDC to an Integrated Load Duration Curve (ILDC) the procedure becomes much easier. Storage envelopes can be drawn on top of each other in the ILDC, and flow and volume can be read immediately. The order of usage of the storages is with decreasing withdrawal time. Eventually the use of a storage will be constrained to prevent getting empty at different times.

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