This paper addresses the main benefit of the new integrated Pipeline Management System (PMS) for Gassco's subsea pipeline network.

The online simulation software is applied to the subsea single phase pipeline network of 7,800 km (4,847 mile) length. With the successful implementation of the simulation software integrated with the SCADA system, Gassco control room operators are able to run the complex networks confidently, reliably and predictively.

A few real life operating scenarios will be used to demonstrate the commercial and technical benefits of the online software:

  • Blending quality peaks passing a subsea mixing point using peak tracking

  • Blending peaks after pressure levelling two pipelines using look-ahead (LAH) simulations

  • Increased capacity utilisation using look-ahead predictive simulations

  • Increased short term sales using look-ahead predictive simulations

  • Notification of off-specification deliveries

A comparison of some of the characteristics and typical settings of the new PMS and the previous system are presented to add understanding of how these benefits arise.

To illustrate how the required accuracy of the PMS can be achieved without any subsea measurements, key aspects of the tuning mechanisms will be investigated:

  • Network Model Calibration through the tuning of heat transfer to improve accuracy of calculated inventory and secure accurate ETA's.

  • The use of the Maximum Likelihood State Estimation.

  • Tuning of flow meter offsets and pipeline efficiency.

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