This paper describes the work developed by TBG to ensure the performance of turbines and compressors in the Bolivia Brasil gas pipeline. The analysis includes the use of online and offline simulators, including software developed specially to TBG and it's turbines and compressors. The paper describes all phases of analysis since field operational tests; vibration analysis, fuel gas consumption and operating points, as well as surge control and start number control. This work has increased the reliability of TBG' machines in more than 10% in a few months and allows TBG to plan overhauls and maintenance stops in an optimized way.


This paper has the objective of describe the experience of TBG in the analysis of compressor and turbine performance with the utilization of a set of tools, developed specifically for TBG, in Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline, to give TBG the necessary information for planning all maintenance and specially the overhauls.


TC - turbine and compressor set

NGP - Gas turbine speed

NPT - Power turbine speed

1. Performance Analysis

In pipeline operation one of the most important issues to control is the performance of the turbine and compressors, because this equipment is responsible for the gas transportation and pipeline availability. In order to have an appropriate control of this performance and have information to fundament all maintenance decisions TBG has a group dedicated to make this analysis.

2. The Software Development

In order to accomplish the need of having an accurate performance analysis it was developed software to meet this need. This tool can reproduce, in details, all turbine and compressor operational conditions, as well as estimate fuel usage consumption and surge control. An online simulator is also used to compare and validate the analyses results.

2.1 - Development Stages:

To develop this tool was necessary to study all machine characteristics and to create a data bank with the maximum number of operational data. These data were obtained through SCADA data bank and through visits to the field. TBG has two kinds of turbo compressor station so there were developed two different sets of tools to accomplish that.

3. Performance Analysis

In order to have the analysis done the specialists go to the compressor stations and submit the turbines and compressors to a detailed analysis of all operational points. The main points considered in the analysis are: mechanical and adiabatic efficiency, discharge temperature, head, surge control, power required, fuel gas usage, NPT, NGP and vibration information. This analysis could be done at TBG main headquarters IN Rio de Janeiro, but to keep deadbands out of the process all the analyses are done in site.

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