Real time simulation tools for gas pipelines are already a reality in control central rooms, providing safer and more efficient operations, complementing SCADA functionalities for gas pipeline supervision and monitoring. This paper discusses the use of an integrated system to manage all phases between nominations and allocations, including planning dispatch and marketing. The same system is able to work as "leak detection" and also an online simulator that is integrated to SCADA system. The paper also discusses all phases of system implementation and configuration, real time compressor tuning issues, implementation of a real time model with focus on data integration, leak detection experience with gases and the use of the system to achieve compressor fuel optimization under transient conditions. This paper gives a breath description of the set of tools, named Advanced Functions used by TBG in Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline Operation that includes: real time monitoring module; predictive module, used for operational strategies, planning for future operations And what if sceneries simulation; look ahead module, used to warn the operator for operational situations that might occur in the future; training simulator, used for operators training and qualification, among others, and the integration between SCADA, Advanced Functions and Commercial System that includes online nomination. All three systems are integrated and they exchange data between them continuously.


This paper has the objective of describe the experience of TBG in the implementation and utilization of a set of tools, called Advanced Functions, in Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline, since the selection of the modules until the acceptance tests including all phases of configuration, installation, data exchange with SCADA and tuning. The benefits achieved with the use of these modules are also discussed, as well the aspects of integration between the tools.


PMS- Pipeline Monitoring System

GMS - Gas Management System

SCADA - Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition

Paper1. Advanced Functions

The Advanced Functions for Bolivia Brazil Pipeline are a set of tools that allows reproducing, in real time the hydraulic behavior of the pipeline. The basic information is:

  • Pressure, flow, temperature, valves' status and equipment like compressors and regulators;

  • Detailed configuration of compressor stations, main line and others equipments such as valves;

  • Complete definition of the fluid with information like chromatography, viscosity and density.

The modules implemented by TBG were:

1.1. Real time module: reproduces all operational conditions of the pipe, through the acquisition of SCADA data each 30 seconds; has all the system details configured, including compressor stations with compressor curves, fuel consumption and all valve information, including low pressure closing and line break configuration;

1.2. Line pack: presents the volume or mass, inside the line;

1.3. Composition tracking: determines the gas composition in every point of the line; it's possible to track both composition and calorific value;

1.4. Pig tracking: determines the position and speed of the pig inside the line, considering launch time, bypass and pressure differential through the line;

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