Workshop Outline
  • Vision

  • Deliverables

    • Data structure

    • Data interchange format

  • Prototype definition

  • Prototype demonstration

  • Near term priorities

  • Discussion


To develop a recommended data structure and an associated data exchange format to enable consistent input and output interface with pipeline simulation models

Data Structure
  • Vendor data and format review complete

  • Common areas

  • Differences

  • Result:

    • Draft data structure of 1999

Data Interchange Format
  • What is XML?

  • What is XSLT?

  • XML and Databases

Prototype Definition
  • Description

  • Models used

    • ESI

    • Stoner

    • Gregg

Prototype Results
  • Results

    • Using XML for Input Configuration Files

    • Using XML for Output Data

  • Comments

Near Term Priorities
  • Solicit and formalize user requirements of data models

  • Solicit vendor input

  • Continue development of data transfer protocol

  • Conceptualize output data model

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