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Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (12): 30–37.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-12-30
Published: 01 December 2023
... organization educational setting professional school north america government vocational training technology education artificial intelligence ksa worker information hazard colby engineer assessment osha objective knowledge identification safety blank PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Peer-Reviewed...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (11): 14–21.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-11-14
Published: 01 November 2023
...Marcin Nazaruk Key Takeaways - Controlling identified hazards is not enough to keep the risk as low as practically possible. - Also affecting risk is another category called constraints or error traps. They are often identified in incident investigation reports but are not typically included...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (10): 16–20.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-10-16
Published: 02 October 2023
.... _ It is time to establish new thinking around the planning and execution of work at height. In the U.S. today, two protection methods lie at opposite ends of the control spectrum with too wide a chasm between them. At one end of the spectrum, the preferred method is to eliminate or engineer out the hazards...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (09): 31–37.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-09-31
Published: 01 September 2023
...Bryan Seal; Christian Vaccaro; Brandon Vick; Jan Wachter Key Takeaways - Small and medium-sized enterprises frequently utilize PPE and respirators as a control for protecting workers from airborne hazards. Yet little is known about why, leading to questions about what forces might be driving...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (08): 22–31.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-08-22
Published: 07 August 2023
... 8 2023 7 8 2023 7 8 2023 Copyright 2023, American Society of Safety Professionals health & medicine interview participant safety risk management perception incident asia government respondent vulnerability hazard osh vulnerability sense unease peerreviewed...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (06): 24–33.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-06-24
Published: 02 June 2023
... america government assessment prevention human factors pte throu integrating human factor prevention assp hierarchy objective chapanis design investment hazard health & medicine ergonomics popov safety stakeholder workplace development conference HUMAN FACTORS Peer-Reviewed...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 68 (01): 18–28.
Paper Number: ASSE-23-01-18
Published: 03 January 2023
.... - Where necessary, documenting the infeasibility of lockout/tagout is a first step to the designing and building of control-reliable circuitry that controls exposure to hazardous energy. - Developing and validating an alternative method to a lockout/ tagout procedure using approved ANSI standards...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (10): 16–22.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-10-16
Published: 03 October 2022
...Bryan Seal; Christopher Janicak Key Takeaways - This article describes the hazards of respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in the construction industry. - It summarizes the legislative history of OSHA’s RCS standards in the construction industry. The discussion provides context as to the development...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (08): 14–20.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-08-14
Published: 01 August 2022
... of electrical operations. - This project identifies high-risk electrical tasks and explores work factors constituting at-risk working conditions for each activity. It then introduces innovative controls to recognize and mitigate hazards. - The findings of this study emphasize the importance of proper lockout...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (07): 14–22.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-07-14
Published: 01 July 2022
... to the sharp edging sometimes protruding from the ground. In some cases, these incidents lead to lawsuits and economic losses when people who come onto a property, whether invited or not, feel they were not appropriately warned or protected from the hazard. Frederick Law Olmsted, considered the father of U.S...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (04): 24–29.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-04-24
Published: 01 April 2022
...Nicholas Tymvios; Jake Smithwick; Glenda Mayo Key Takeaways - The occupancy phase of a building accounts for a significant portion of a building’s life cycle; during that time, operation, maintenance and repair (OM&R) activities expose facility technicians to varying levels of hazards...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (03): 24–30.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-03-24
Published: 01 March 2022
... management bottom-up approach vulnerability disaster resilience disaster community resilience information resilience score resilience indicator natural hazard resiliency march 2022 public open space fema hazard south carolina college university RISK MANAGEMENT Peer-Reviewed...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (02): 18–23.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-02-18
Published: 01 February 2022
... management program objective safety risk management communication us government information conceptual noise investigation consequence near-miss incident safety management system acronym accident hazard supervisor requirement health term jsa process PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Peer-Reviewed...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 67 (01): 29–35.
Paper Number: ASSE-22-01-29
Published: 01 January 2022
... weight wet sample particle us government combustible material concentration osh professional combustible dust explosion explosion dust accumulation hazard osha low-likelihood high-severity risk primary explosion fatality likelihood january 2022 consequence secondary explosion dust...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 66 (12): 27–33.
Paper Number: ASSE-21-12-27
Published: 01 December 2021
...Matthew R. Hallowell Key Takeaways - In prejob safety briefings, workers identify only about 45% of the hazards they face during the work period. Hazard recognition blind spots are consistent and predictable, regardless of trade, experience or education. - Hazards that are easily identified (e.g...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 66 (12): 18–26.
Paper Number: ASSE-21-12-18
Published: 01 December 2021
... their potential benefits in terms of mitigating workplace safety hazards in construction and impact on key performance indicators. - The authors highlight best practice applications of these technologies for OSH management in construction. The construction industry plays a significant role in the prosperity...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 66 (11): 31–35.
Paper Number: ASSE-21-11-31
Published: 01 November 2021
... residual operational risk before work is initiated. To help achieve desired safety outcomes, certain critical attributes of the prejob safety briefing process must be in place during planning, execution and follow-up including clear communication, current work procedures, situational and hazard-specific...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 66 (10): 37–40.
Paper Number: ASSE-21-10-37
Published: 01 October 2021
... of em- Globally, governments require organizations to ployees in the event of a fall or shall assure that ensure the safety and health of workers by providing employees are able to rescue themselves. places of employment free from recognized hazards. KEY TAKEAWAYS When specifically addressing work...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 66 (10): 31–36.
Paper Number: ASSE-21-10-31
Published: 01 October 2021
...Sharon Lipinski Key Takeaways - This article presents a new perspective on why hazards occur with repeated, habitual tasks. - Complacency is not what many OSH professionals believe it to be. It is a by-product of a neural pathway deep in the brain, isolated from much of the prefrontal cortex (PFC...
Journal Articles
Prof. Safety 66 (08): 25–29.
Paper Number: ASSE-21-08-25
Published: 01 August 2021
... organizations identify issues or hazards before they develop into major problems? This article explores two important questions: 1. why do risks sometimes remain hidden in organizations?; and 2. how do we uncover the hidden risks in organizations? 2021. American Society of Safety Professionals 1 8...

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