In Brief

  • Today's OSH professionals face greater challenges than their predecessors. As the global marketplace evolves, workplace demands continue to challenge their abilities and skills.

  • Over the past century, OSH has shifted from a reactive effort to reduce incidents to a proactive focus on developing safe working conditions.

  • OSH professionals are becoming strategic business partners, demonstrating their ability to affect the bottom line. Future success will demand a higher level of professional commitment.

The OSH profession continues to evolve. Today's OSH professionals are specialists who have the ability to recognize, evaluate and implement risk control measures to protect people, planet and profit. As it relates to safety, risk is situational or circumstantial, and OSH professionals focus on forecasting potential losses in the areas of personal injury or property damage. It is OSH professionals' task to manage, reduce and remove potential risk by applying best practices and current technologies, simultaneously supporting top management in the implementation of effective safety systems.

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