Many adults have sat through classes waiting for some expert to provide them with all the answers to their jobs' most challenging safety hazards. Often, however, they take away little or nothing from the session. The bottom line to training is to "give it to them so they get it" (Bowman, 2003). Giving information to students so they "get it" takes innovation, which the author defines as a desire to do things differently, through activity, with the student in mind, while making every effort to ensure that the learning material is accessible.

Grimaldi and Simonds (1993) identify education and training as a critical step in carrying out a logical and orderly safety and health program. If done right, this important step will help employees and management understand their roles and responsibilities in preventing accidents. This article is an opportunity for readers to build on what they al-ready know or perhaps change it to something that works better (Fanning, 2009).

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