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Keywords: pressure transient testing
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Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 37 (04): 748–761.
Paper Number: SPE-210591-PA
Published: 16 November 2022
... reservoir upstream oil & gas drillstem testing drillstem/well testing reservoir simulation pressure transient testing hydraulic fracturing conductivity pressure behavior v-shape vertical well dual-porosity model spe production & operations pressure derivative porosity equation...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 37 (01): 99–106.
Paper Number: SPE-206751-PA
Published: 16 February 2022
... transient testing drillstem/well testing structural geology siltstone multilayered reservoir facies distribution spe production gradient g-function g-function analysis indication g-function plot The hydraulic fracturing industry recognized the importance of minifrac pressure analysis when...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 36 (03): 516–529.
Paper Number: SPE-204481-PA
Published: 11 August 2021
.... reservoir characterization pressure transient analysis reservoir geomechanics enhanced recovery artificial intelligence shale gas flow in porous media reservoir simulation drillstem testing upstream oil & gas pressure transient testing drillstem/well testing natural fracture compressibility...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 36 (03): 685–702.
Paper Number: SPE-201662-PA
Published: 11 August 2021
... to the project. production control drilling fluid selection and formulation drilling fluids and materials pressure transient testing hawkin model pinhole drilling fluid chemistry sand control drilling fluid property drilling operation pressure transient analysis completion pressure drop...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 36 (01): 197–215.
Paper Number: SPE-186306-PA
Published: 10 February 2021
... difficulty with the interpretation of reservoir properties from pressuretransient testing—difficulty because temperature effects are also included in the results (Hasan and Kabir 2018 ). Another example is the injection of cold water into a hot geothermal zone. The examples necessitate a mathematical model...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 36 (01): 145–159.
Paper Number: SPE-201376-PA
Published: 10 February 2021
... transient testing isolation production control well logging hydraulic fracturing drilling operation drillstem/well testing perforation cluster pumpdown pressure-falloff trend line injectivity test frac plug fracture pressure test technology conference ball check texas surface pressure spe...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (04): 0719–0729.
Paper Number: SPE-195193-PA
Published: 12 November 2020
... operation drillstem/well testing drillstem testing fracturing fluid reservoir geomechanics directional drilling reservoir characterization proppant pressure transient testing surface area minimum stress november 2020 asymmetric hydraulic fracture Fig. 8 A well pad with three wells...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (03): 654–680.
Paper Number: SPE-198910-PA
Published: 13 August 2020
... monitoring production control pressure transient analysis well performance Artificial Intelligence pressure transient testing Reservoir Surveillance production logging Upstream Oil & Gas linear-flow regime constant wellbore pressure non-darcy flow production time bilinear-flow regime...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 35 (02): 272–291.
Paper Number: SPE-194329-PA
Published: 14 May 2020
... reservoir characterization production monitoring chemical treatment reservoir surveillance drillstem testing pressure transient testing drillstem/well testing pressure buildup pressure transient analysis production control downhole intervention shale gas fluid compatibility complex reservoir...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 33 (01): 32–48.
Paper Number: SPE-181593-PA
Published: 14 February 2018
... testing compliance pressure transient analysis pressure transient testing computed pressure-decline curve Drillstem Testing analytical eq Artificial Intelligence pressure drop Upstream Oil & Gas dimensionless time PTA offers one of the least costly ways to determine the dimensions...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 28 (02): 191–200.
Paper Number: SPE-152019-PA
Published: 30 April 2013
... plug gauge SPE Production Drillstem Testing pressure disturbance cumulative normal probability Poisson DFIT reservoir wellbore perforation production control reservoir surveillance fracturing fluid reservoir geomechanics completion installation and operations pressure transient testing...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 26 (02): 185–194.
Paper Number: SPE-128016-PA
Published: 17 March 2011
... of Petroleum Engineers Drillstem Testing initial reservoir pressure reservoir property hydraulic fracturing drillstem/well testing Formation Permeability pressure transient testing regime flow regime conclusion injection reservoir reservoir fluid straight line minifrac test pressure...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 25 (04): 472–483.
Paper Number: SPE-124135-PA
Published: 14 October 2010
... conductivity Upstream Oil & Gas FET Soliman horizontal well wellbore after-closure analysis fractured formation november 2010 dual-porosity system shut-in period pressure transient testing drillstem/well testing application SPE Production fracture derivative plot permeability falloff...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 24 (04): 619–628.
Paper Number: SPE-129618-PA
Published: 25 November 2009
...), pressure-transient testing, and/or numerical reservoir modeling are required to determine the effective fracture length. This paper begins with a comparison of the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of fracture modeling, PDA, pressure-transient analysis (PTA), and numerical reservoir modeling...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 24 (03): 396–406.
Paper Number: SPE-107877-PA
Published: 07 September 2009
... fracture closure drillstem/well testing SQRT interpretation storage Drillstem Testing viscosity extension semilog derivative leakoff permeability g-function fracture pressure transient testing pseudoradial flow closure time august 2009 straight line tip extension log-log plot pressure...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 24 (03): 407–414.
Paper Number: SPE-107971-PA
Published: 07 September 2009
... transient testing sand stage PDL has been explained in detail by Barree (1998) , Barree and Mukherjee (1996) and Castillo (1987) . The presence and severity of PDL can be determined from a DFIT. Process zone was first introduced by Shlyapobersky and Chudnovsky (1994) to define fracture-tip...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 24 (01): 66–73.
Paper Number: SPE-106270-PA
Published: 26 February 2009
...-pressure-output plot pressure transient analysis pressure transient testing stress contrast variation massively stacked february 2009 input data Currently, engineers have to undertake an ever-more complete HF evaluation to evaluate fully the well potential and the effectiveness...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 24 (01): 87–95.
Paper Number: SPE-107268-PA
Published: 26 February 2009
... shut-in period semilog slope completion monitoring systems/intelligent wells pressure transient analysis production logging flow in porous media pressure transient testing february 2009 fluid dynamics thermal effect downhole sensor midpoint doi formation parameter perforation...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 23 (01): 24–31.
Paper Number: SPE-100719-PA
Published: 20 February 2008
... fluminense state university reservoir characterization wavelet production control pressure transient analysis decomposition level 8 SPE Production actual data february 2008 decomposition level 6 production monitoring reservoir surveillance pressure transient testing Reservoir...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 22 (02): 223–230.
Paper Number: SPE-98110-PA
Published: 19 May 2007
... analysis completion installation and operations pressure transient testing challenging convention operator horizontal stress drillstem testing drillstem/well testing particle sand control completion performance A semiempirical model based on scaled laboratory TWC data ( Willson et al. 2002...

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