The energy management activities which enforce a Sustainable Development path in Pemex, reflected substantial benefits during the last two year. Saving of 8.2 and 10.6 millions boe in 2000 and 2001 has been one of the main achievements.


  • Pemex is Mexico's State Oil Company

  • Third world place in oil production (3,127 thousand bpd)

  • Seventh world place in proved reserves (42,700 million boe)

  • Ninth world place in gas production (4,511 million cfpd)

  • 10th world place in refining capacity (1.50 millions bpd)

  • Annual revenues of 50,000 millions US dollars

  • More than 1,000 facilities

  • Around 135,000 employees

Figure of Mexico's State Oil Company (Available in full paper)

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  • Total Energy consumption of 200 millions Gig calories (2001)

Figure of Millions Gig Calories (Available in full paper)


Institutional Program for Efficient Use of Energy

  • Experts network

  • Training

  • Campaigns

  • Information and monitoring system


  • Network created with experts in efficient use of Energy

  • Linked with each of the main facilities

  • Counsil by the National Commission for Energy Saving (CONAE)

  • Definition of Programs and actions needed to assure the efficient use of energy

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  • More than 300 experts to develop energyenvironment assessments in main facilities

  • 75 experts for efficient energy project appraisal

  • Continuous training with a multiply process with first trained experts

  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection 1999 - 2000 Campaign

  • Participation of 209 working sites

  • 5% reduction target in Energy Consumption Index from 1999 to 2000

  • Target achievement of 49% of the working sites

  • Savings of 8.7 million boe with an associated value of 196 million USD

  • Elusion of 3.8 million ton a CO2 emission

  • Energy efficient use and savings 2000–2001 campaign

  • Participation of 205 working sites

  • Target ECI reduction by business line, from 1.5% to 5%

  • Energy Consumption Index reduction from 2000 to 2001

  • Target achievement of 45% of the working sites

  • Saving of 10.6 million boe with an associated value of 197 millions USD

  • Elusion of 2.9 millions ton of CO2 emission

  • With the aim to improve air quality and reduce the impact of climate change, on June 2001 Pemex began a program to cap and trade carbon dioxide emissions

  • Target for the first stage (June - Dec 2001) was to reduce 1% CO2 in relation to 1999 emissions of the 25 business units

  • Basic rules were established in coordination with Environmental Defense (NGO)

  • A trading register system was developed internally

  • At the end of the year 2001 were traded 3.1 million tons in 103 transactions

  • Our target up to 2010 is reducing 10% of CO2 emissions in relation to the ones registered in 1999

  • Definition of Energy Consumption Index per business line

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