This paper discusses about the learning focused on competence, a new way of learning in the organization. It is the scientific and rational approach to have the competence work force in an organization in order to cope up with the ever changing economic scenario. It details about the conceptual design, detailed design, course outline, competence standard, assessing the competence, evaluating the assessment, tabulating and ranking the participants, conducting the competence focused learning events, practical implementations, change management and planning for uncertainty, elivery and task books. It details about the course calendar designing, educating the participants, presentation to the management, involvement of all the wings of the organization, win-win strategy of the participating employees and the management to derive the maximum output of the human resource potential to win in this world of competition to maximize the profit of the company.


All these days the learner's or participants (in a course or training) was assessed in one way or other. But these assessments used to be purely theoretical after conducting the courses or after practical assessment of the skills that the participants attained. But there used to be a missing gap between the assessment of the participants competence of the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. For everyone in the organization there is a need to have theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform well in the organization to get maximum output to place the organization in its advantage of win-win situation for the employees and the employer. This new of learning ie, the learning focused on competence, this win-win situation is practically possible and can be proved successful. This competence focused learning encourages the participants to participate in learning the new skills and knowledge and it is driven by the learners, instead of forcing the participants to learn for the organization to win which is prevailing normally in any organization. The learning of the participants is at the participants own drive and participation and is purely depend on their performance. The trainer used to facilitate the learners. The trainer used to go to that level of the participants need and whatever the participants needs to attain that competency. In this way the participants can learn at his own pace. If a participant wishes to attain in the shortest time, then also it is possible since the trainer facilitate with all the learning tools that are required by the participant. The competency expected from the participant is informed well before the participant starts his journey in this competence focused learning methodology and the facilitator and the learner know the goal before participating. The methodology of competence focused learning is explained in this paper from the conceptual study, planning, acquiring the required materials to be used during the competence focused learning, detailed course plan, course description, time table for the courses to be conducted to learn the theoretical knowledge, the resources availability, the tools to capture the assessment, writing the competence standard for a particular role or position, and the guidelines for the participants to undergo competence focused learning.

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