The nail biting fuel oil problems such as sludge formation, accumulation of deposits, improper combustion, soot formation, high viscosity, pollution, stack emission and so on are great threats to global environment. All these can now be solved in a single shot with the regular usage of "All-in-one" Bio-additives. These are compatible to all types of fuel oils namely, Furnace Oil, HFO, RFO, MFO, Low Sulfur Heavy Stock Oil (LSHS), Bunker Oil, High speed Diesel Oil (HSD), light Diesel Oil (LDO), Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoline and Thermic fluids.

This paper contains about the general fuel oil problems encountered and solutions by bio additives authenticated by field trial results conducted in refineries, thermal and oil power plants. Petrochemical plants and in varied industries etc., along with graphs, tables and comparative statements of advantages in general and also over the chemical additives.

Sludge is a perennial problem world over in every refinery, tank farms, and these bio additives shall be the remedy for crude and all fuel oil problems.


Interest in fuel oil additives has increased tremendously [1] in the past few years. Many fuel oil users were skeptical as to the value of these treatments when these materials were first announced and many are still skeptical. As with everything else, some additives are good and others bad. Some users claim they have no value, while other users are quite satisfied. Among the reasons for dissatisfaction have been insufficient time for the materials to work, methods of application, and ignorance of the type of contaminants that can be eliminated. As a result the subject of fuel oil treatments has become quite controversial and will probably remain so for a long time.

The bio-additives assume significance when the global fuel oil users face nail-biting problems on the regular usage of fuel oil. This is due to the very nature of the bioadditives, which offers "All IN ONE", multifunctional solutions for crude oil and fuel all oil related problems. This paper contains a brief overview of the fuel oils, problems related on its regular usage in various applications worldwide and the awe-inspiring solutions offered by the use of bio-additives under the most difficult circumstances of fuel oil usage.

The problems related to corrosion, stack emissions and fuel oil itself have been discussed in brief. A general introduction on the fuel oil additives, multifunctional capabilities of bio-additives, the role of bio-additives for fuel oil sludge dispersal, fuel oil conservation, reducing environmental pollution, maintenance problems etc., and the working mechanism of the bio-additives under different operating conditions have also been highlighted.

Fuel Oils:

The quality of fuel oil is difficult to define [2], what may be suitable for one consumer is unsuitable for another. We should keep this fact in mind, since the quality and the condition of many heavy fuel oils produced by the refining processes are changed before they are ultimately burned.

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