Paper describes is dedicated to laboratory research of new oil recovery technology with using micronucleus heat carrier. Previously these systems were used for increasing of oil recovery in case of waterflooding. Effectiveness of new process comparable with different modifications of waterflooding were provided by increasing displacement efficienty and self-modification profile in heterogeneous reservoir. The further research discovered anomalous effect of increasing water thermal capacity gas micronucleus is available. According to data of measurements this increasing reaches to 15–18 %. It shows the perspective of this method, particularly, possibility of increasing of occurrence formation depth, for effective using of thermal methods.

On basis of lab research was discovered that in case of using micronucleus system heat rate injection information can be increased up to 20 – 25 %, but comparable with hot water in similar pressure injection. It reaches on account of self-modification profile of micronucleus system and better heating low permability parts of formation. Heating intensity in initial stage of stimulation is increasing, that provides acceleration of temperature front.

Advantages of new method are improvement of formation heating, increasing of displacement efficiently, sweep efficiently, increasing depth filtration of technology. Total effectivity of this method is about 25–30% higher than in using of hot water.


Considerable reserves of heavy oil are on the depth more than 1000 m and production in these conditions is rather difficult. Development with using natural mode provides here oil recovery on the level 6–12%. The most effective method, permitting to enhance considerably recovery ratio, is the thermal bed stimulation. However, heat carrier injection with high parameters in subsurface reservoir is limited by the absence of effective injection technologies, reliable technical facilities and also because of high capital intensity on the initial stage of development.

In this paper the results of experimental researches, on the possibilities of using the heated water-gas mixtures in micronucleus state applied to the fields development with heavy high viscous oil, are presented. In this connection, we conducted the researches, directed at the study of new technology - thermal bed stimulation - with the purpose of energy expenditures reduction for oil production.

Standard experiments showed, that thermal capacity of the system gas-water in micronucleus state is 12 – 18% higher of water thermal capacity. These results were the basis for research on creation of new energy- efficient technology of thermal subsurface bed stimulation.

Experimental Researches
Laboratory Unit And Conditions Of Experiment

For conduction of research on possibility of using hot water in micronucleus state in the time of oil production, special lab unit was created and methods of experiment conduction was developed.

The unit consists of the main blocks:

  1. Block for preparation of micronucleus water is the system, consisting of gas cylinder and special water and gas mixture.

  2. Electric heat generator, equipped by the system of pressure/temperature regulation and control.

The formation models:

  • The model of macrohomogeneous formation with the length 500 m, diameter is 32 mm.

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