Encal Energy Ltd. and Schlumberger of Canada had been working together prior to introduction of the PLATFORM EXPRESS ∗ integrated wireline logging tool to develop an efficient system of oil company-service company communication. Programs and procedures were developed that encouraged communications between the two companies, not only at the headquarters level, but throughout the field operations of both companies. These communications were optimized to minimize the time spent on the rig by Schlumberger, to the mutual benefit of both Encal and Schlumberger.

The PLATFORM EXPRESS integrated logging system was introduced to Canada as Schlumberger and Encal were working toward this common goal of rig time efficiency and savings. The logging system has a unique feature that provides the potential for the extraction of very high vertical resolution data from existing logging data. Further rig-time savings would result if the slow high-resolution passes could be eliminated.

∗ Mark of Schlumberger

This paper discusses how an oil resource company and oilfield service company worked together to optimize their communications and field operations for their mutual benefit. Rig-time savings, with and without the PLATFORM EXPRESS tool, are presented. The results of a field logging speed experiment are presented in light of high- and regular resolution log quality and rig-time savings. Current and future benefits that can be realized for other companies are outlined.


Oil and gas exploration companies strive to obtain good prospect properties, explore for hydrocarbons, find those hydrocarbons and profitably produce the hydrocarbons in an environmentally and operationally safe manner. Oilfield service companies provide products and services that help the oil and gas exploration companies find and produce these hydrocarbons more cost effectively and efficiently. Schlumberger and Encal recognized the potential of enhancing their mutual business goals by forming an enhanced business relationship in 1995. This paper discusses how both companies worked together to ensure that useful logging evaluation data were put in Encal's hands in a timely fashion so pertinent decisions could be made rapidly.

This relationship evolved a system of programming and communication that significantly reduced the time of gathering those data while reducing the time spent on location by the service company. While these programming and communication systems were being developed, the Schlumberger PLATFORM EXPRESS system was introduced. The PLATFORM EXPRESS logging system was used on Encal's wells and evaluated as to suitability for getting the data to the Calgary office quicker. As more units became available in Canada, the PLATFORM EXPRESS system was utilized more and eventually became the system of choice from Schlumberger.

The PLATFORM EXPRESS tool has extra logging sensors and ultrahigh vertical resolution that other systems do not provide. These sensors and their enhanced vertical resolution are beneficial in evaluating thin reservoirs. Conventional thinking required that nuclear high-resolution data be acquired at a slow speed because of otherwise poor statistics in the individual logging sensors. This required extra slow speed logging passes of 275 m/h with associated extra time to acquire the data. Regular PLATFORM EXPRESS data can be gathered at a higher speed without sacrificing data quality.

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