Every individual in an organization undertakes their day to day job activities with a specific 1evel of personal energy and enthusiasm. This type of energy is a critical corporate resource which must be optimized if a company wishes to succeed. To create enthusiasm, we must first create an environment which fosters job satisfaction and persona1 happiness. The foundation for such a corporate culture is built upon four pillars; namely, trust, direction, focus and recognition. On this basis, higher levels of personal job satisfaction may be attained and, in turn, the individual's commitment to the job and to the organization with be increased. Improved emp1oyee productivity and thus enhanced corporate profitability may then be achieved through the implementation of innovative change. This process of improving both personal and corporateerformance has been defined by the author as the erformance Circle. Implementation of the Performance Circle as part of the corporate culture is one method of developing each person's energy and enthusiasm the organization's critical human resource.


In recent years the energy industry has been in turmoil due to low and unstable commodity prices. As a means of improving profitability during this period, much effort has been expended to optimize and improve the various technological facets of the business such as seismic processing, drilling procedures, completion techniques and production operations. However, the industry is now finding that optimization of capital resources alone will not guarantee an acceptable economic return. To achieve corporate success, it is al so necessary to optimize another type of energy; namely the energy of our most important asset, our human resources. It is the energy and enthusiasm of the people in a company which makes the difference between an rganization that just survives and a companyat is successful in these turbulent times.

The Performance Circle is a practical model developed by the author, which optimizes the human resources of a company by increasing the energy level of the people in the organization mproved corporate performance is achieved when the employee's energy and associated productivity is optimized. The Performance Circle shows how we can attain increased energy and productivity through a process involving innovative change personal commitment and enjoyment.


Corporate performance is directly 1inked to the productivity of each individual within the rganization. To improve profitability, we must first provide a stimulating environment whereby every person in the company has the opportunity to increase their contribution to the organization. When companies do not look for change but only serve the status quo, the feeling of complacency develops challenge is not confronted and over a period of time the success of the company will falter. To create a stimulating environment we must foster the antithesis of the status quo. We must culture innovative change.1 As Tom Peters so emphatically states in Thriving on Chaos, we must become obsessive about change, if only to up the odds of survival.1 Change must become the norm.

Change heralds forth personal success and superior corporate performance.

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