Esso Cold Lake Pilot Project Phases I and II are combined heavy oil pilots located North West of Grand Centre, Alberta. They are designed to produce energy in the farm of steam for in-situ injection to the wells and for the recovery and treatment of the produced heavy oil. The average steam flow rate is 10,065 m3/d. and heavy oil production 3000 m3/d.

The Prime Contractor was Kenting Oilfield Services Ltd. of Nisku, Alberta whose primary responsibility was for plant Construction, and the dedicated subcontractor was Delta Projects Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta responsible for Project Management, Engineering, and Procurement of major equipment and bulk materials. Kenting was supported at the plant site by a variety of subcontractors. At the later stages of construction Bantrel Group Engineers of Calgary went to the plant site to develop and administer turnover procedures on behalf of Kenting.

Why Turnover Management?

Generally Turnover Management is necessary for the Contractor to plan and execute his work to completion in order to meet the start up needs of the Operator, Kenting, as they neared mechanical completion. needed to change their project execution mode from an area construction concept to a process system construction concept as described in the next section.

Esso in the Coordination Procedures on C.L.P.P. I and II had references to 'completion' and 'sequence of completion' as follows:

  • Completion

    1. It has been completed mechanically and structurally.

    2. It has been put in a tight and clean condition.

    3. All work included under the heading "pre-turnover" has been performed.

    4. All of its deficiencies that could prevent safe and orderly pre-commissioning and commissioning activities by Owner or timely operation of Facility at the conditions specified in Job Specification have been corrected to the extent that such deficiencies can be determined without introducing feedstock.

    5. The initial complement of spare parts for it has arrived at work site.

  • Sequence of Completion

  • Owner requires that Completion of the following parts of Facility be achieved in the following sequence:

    1. Phase I Steam Generation facilities

    2. Phase I fully operational

    3. Phase II Steam Generation facilities

    4. Phase II fully operational

  • Contractor shall cooperate with Owner to achieve Completion of such additional sub-parts, systems or components as may be required by Owner to facilitate commissioning of Facility.

Scoping Of The Contracted Work

Kenting, like most contractors, execute their projects using a Work Breakdown Structure based on physical work areas, whereas Esso required completion of phases of Facility on a Work Breakdown structure based on processing systems. In addition Esso required that these phased completions should result in interim turnovers by Kenting prior to final acceptance by Esso.

In January of 1985 Esso produced a document entitled 'CLPP I & II Start-Up Schedule - General Approach' which outlined both the sequencing of the phased completions and the general contents of each phase.

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