As a Canadian by birth, As a believer in private enterprise, and As a Canadian Nationalist. ‘Who speaks for me?’

Historically it has been difficult to discover many Canadian members of Parliament who ‘have spoken for me’ on the floor of ‘the house’.

Thus for the past four decades my disenchantment has grown and now our present and future prospects are becoming even more nebulous.

Today more than ever we both want and need elected M.P. 'S who are not anti-anything, not Quislings, but who are pro-Canadian and Patriots.

Lord Byron stated it rather nicely "He who loves not his country can love nothing..... "

The few who have sounded the bugle of truth will go down in history as Canadian Patriots; the brilliant Walter Gordon sounded Reveiller. Eric Kierns sounded the Alert!

These men spoke for me and my fellow Canadians!

However, Hansard records that their comrades at arms slept throughout these clarion calls and they continue to sleep in the stupor of their apathy. The actions of our elected continue to be those of the three wise monkeys. Our hope is that in the future we may acquire by some unknown Canadian miracle, representatives in Ottawa who are not deaf, dumb, and mute.

Explain if you will, how the anguish of our fellow Canadians can be So apparent to the rest of us and remain so imperceptible to our elected M.P.'s.

Examine the fate of these Canadian political patriots. The instant reprisal against patriotic politicians, who loved their country more than any ‘party’ has been their swift and silent unacceptability by their own comrades in arms and worse by those whom they wished to save from bondage and slavery.

Political patriots do not receive the Victoria Cross for being a Vigilant Canadian, they do, however, receive the V.C. but it stands for "Vacate Caucus" or a "Verboten Canadian"!

To all thinking Canadians this political V.C. is the most distinguished decoration a true Canadian political-patriot may achieve.

The awards given the Canadian Quislings have far greater purchasing power but under the light of truth and history these Quisling awards will be proven to be phoney-specie.

Even in despair Our hope is the main spring of our patriotism.

He "who speaks for we" must have both the knowledge and understanding of each of us who inhabits this land, Between two furious oceans! May this quotation, in part, from Major Dick Diespecker help us all.

"Now I must tell you the vast you that straddle the vital earth between two furious oceans; you whose limbs are strong, whose blood is rich with power; You who are young and afraid of life, Peering into the corners of though, Bruising your fingers on the doors of tomorrow, shouting your loud, sharp urgent questions into the fog, full of grotesque whirling figures, and listening while the echoes mock you and fling your questing words back into your bewildered faces........ You are the men and women who make neither history nor news,

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