Description of the Proposed Paper

During a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) tow out 3D real time software was successfully tested to track a TLP and 4 Anchor Handeling vessels (AHV) relative to the edges and centerline of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.


The TLP offsets were configured in a manner that allowed real-time measurements between the channel bottom and TLP Hull, as well as measurements between the TLP's hull (at elevation 38) to the edges of the channel (at elevation 38).

Results, Observations, and Conclusions

The 3D software allowed for real-time measurements to be performed between any surface on the TLP to the edges or bottom of the channel.

Significance of Subject Matter/Lessons Learned

Since the positioning data is not filtered and the 3D graphics are so defined, it is recommended to use a high-order positioning system, which will limit the amount of erroneous vessel positions. It must be noted that a multi-beam survey should be performed on the channel to provide the best results for 3D applications and measurements The paper will also include a piece on real-time 3D written by Lindsay Gee of IVS.

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