Description of the Proposed Paper

Benefits and Examples of Electronic SIT's and Electronic Wet Tests

Subsea Simulations have finally come of age delivering more accurate information on true subsea equipment and conditions. Safety and time efficiencies have substantially been increased. Powerful software will be used to give real world examples of these benefits. Focus will be on Collision Dynamics, Electronic SIT's, Electronic Wet Tests, Beach Learning Curves, Loop Currents, Surface Storm Interaction and Savings Analysis in addition to simulators and the directions of simulators. Many visual examples will be used including the Replay Viewer which allows direct interaction and can be operated from any standard PC.


Subsea equipment and procedures tested proactively in powerful simulators.

Results, Observations, and Conclusions

Quantifiably safety is increased, jobs are streamlined, risks are found, risks are evaluated, risks are lowered and risks are sometimes mitigated through the use of this new powerful tool. Powerful software has lowered risk and increased job efficiencies on multiple international jobs by placing engineering drawings and bathometric information directly into their advanced simulators. Environmental effects such as loop currents, visibility and surface action can all be manipulated in Real-Time to test equipment and vehicles in a wide variety of conditions. Some systems are regarded as a pro-active engineering tools used to lower risk and increase job efficiency. A number of companies are using these systems to run Electronic System Integration Testing (SIT's) and/or Electronic Wet Test. Clearances and procedures can be tested at a fraction of their normal costs with these systems. Also Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) crews can be economically trained to high-efficiency levels on job specific tasks. What-If scenarios can be reviewed within the safety of the simulator. Customers have enjoyed streamlined procedures, time saving modifications being recommended and occasionally major unrecognized risks being averted. As one Customer put it, these powerful simulators are becoming the industry norm for subsea simulations.

Significance of Subject Matter/Lessons Learned

Powerful simulators have come of age and are now available as another tool in our industry to make our work safer.

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