Description of the Proposed Paper

Large deepwater prospects were generated in the Scotian Basin by a team of geoscientists in a workroom setting using conventional tools, as well as traditional and immersive visualization. Immersive visualization of the 3D seismic data was key in understanding the basin floor fan deposition, including identification of the canyons feeding the fans, and the switching of the sand source from one canyon to another through time.


A team generated prospects in Bass Enterprises_ EL2407 block, located 190 km offshore Nova Scotia. The project focused on deepwater clastics, but also reviewed the opportunities in the proven Jurassic shelf edge system. The project began with seismic sequence interpretation of the entire stratigraphic column using a 6 foot by 12 foot screen. The remainder of the seismic interpretation utilized traditional interpretation, seismic classification of the volume, voxel interpretation in a non-immersive visualization system, and analysis of the clastic depositional system using immersive visualization.

Results, Observations, and Conclusions

The ability to perform seismic sequence analysis on a wall-sized screen, seismic classification of the volume, and examination of the basin floor fan depositional system using immersive visualization were all key differentiating technologies.

Over 2 BBOE of prospects were identified, including an isolated Jurassic carbonate fault block and two basin floor fans of Miocene age. Several other sizable fans, a talus deposit and other potential reservoirs are secondary prospects that would presumably be economic should any of the larger three prospects prove productive.

Significance of Subject Matter/Lessons Learned

Deepwater clastics appear to have significant potential in the deepwater of the Scotian Basin. In addition, there appears to be plenty of remaining opportunities in the Jurassic shelf-edge carbonates that have proven production at Deep Panuke field. Technologically, interpretation in a team workroom setting, the use of large screens, and immersive visualization has a real impact on prospect generation success.

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