Accidents and downgrading incidents are occurring every minute of every hour of every day somewhere in the Offshore Oil Industry. Contrary to popular belief the safety and risk control standards in the industry are unacceptable, and the industry is paying the price with major increases in insurance coverage. The financial costs to the industry in every nation of the world are underestimated because management are unaware of the extent of such losses, due to under reporting, cover ups and there being no desire or requirement to cost out such incidents. This paper will present illustrated case histories from over 250 offshore audits carried out from Canada's east coast and the arctic, the North Sea, Africa, Middle East, Malaysia, China, Korea etc. using the 5 Star Health & Safety Management System (T.M.) (Offshore Module). The average audit result from 19961997 concludes that, those audited scored less than 71% and only achieved a two star grading, a sad indictment of the industry. However, those achieving 4 and 5 stars saved millions of dollars in premium reductions.


Chairman, Offshore Technology Conference, Organising Committee members and fellow delegates, it is indeed an honour to be selected to address this prestigious event. It is my sincere hope that the aspects I will cover will prove both relevant and interesting, but above all, that it will make a contribution to reducing the terrible number of deaths, injuries and unplanned production losses as have been experienced by the industry in the continuous search for black gold. Throughout this presentation and in the 5 Star system the word "Safety" refers to accident, fire and loss prevention, the maintenance of occupational health and welfare and the effective control of pollution from the rig or platform. Over the past few years 1 and my team have conducted some 250 audits in many parts of the world, from the North Sea to Canada's arctic and from the Middle East to Malaysia and from South Africa to China. The system we have used to conduct these audits is the 5 Star Health & Safety Management System (TM) offshore or marine modules, of which the proprietary rights are held by Safety Projects International Inc. The audit system was developed through the 1970's and 1980's based on the combined experience of S.P.1. staff and several clients who made significant contributions, B.P. Petroleum Development staff in Aberdeen helped considerably in the development and evaluation of the prototype module. The audit criteria covers some 108 elements of which 78 are universally applicable to all industries and 30 elements which pertain to the specific area of the rig or platform. The 5 Star system identifies the strengths and weaknesses of any safety program: It allows for the quantification of managements efforts. Possibly the most important facet of the whole program is the giving of recognition to management and labour by means of a star grading for reaching certain high standards of achievement. Like grading hotels, management understand star grading systems well.

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