The development of Multiphase Meters (MPM) has been an important R&D project for Statoil during the last decade. Extensive testing of MPM the last 4 years, leading to significant improvement of the accuracy and reliability of the meters, has proved that today the performance of MPMs are within our specifications.

The first large scale tests of MPMs from the vendors Fluenta, Framo and MFI took place at Statoil's Gullfaks B platform during the period from December 1992 to November 1994. The results from these tests have been published earlier [1,2,3]. The Gullfaks B conditions are, however, considered not to be too difficult for multiphase metering. This is due to relatively good mixing of the phases and a low gas volume fraction.

In 1995 the fist testing of commercial multiphase meters over a broad operational domain took place. This qualification test was performed in Norsk Hydro's test facility in Porsgrunn [4]. The test campaign was repeated in 1996. Improved commercial meters from Fluenta, Framo and MFI were tested together with two meters under development (Kvzrner Process Systems and ISA Control). The test was sponsored by 9 different oil companies.

In August 1996 Statoil awarded a contract for the supply of 8 topside MPM for the Gulfaks Satellite project. This was followed by a new award in November 1996 for 18 subsea MPM (with an option for another 9 meters) for the field developments of Asgard and Gullfaks Satellites. Bothcontracts were awarded to the Norwegian company Multi-Fluid Int. (MFI).

For applications of subsea MPM it is of crucial importance that the accuracy, stability and repeatability of the meters are according to the specifications. To be able to learn from practical experiences of operating such meters, Statoil has installed two subsea meters from MFI and Framo for a one year test at the Gullfaks B platform.

At Gullfaks B another MPM has been in operations since November 1996 for allocation metering of the production from a long reach well. The well has been drilled into a nearby reservoir where other tax regulations appliescompared to the main field.

Initial comparisons of the MPM and the test separator shows encouraging results.


The large economical potential for applying multiphase meters has been the driving force behind the various development projects supported by the oil industry for the last 10-15 years. Today, several first generation meters are commercially available and the oil industry is now starting to use them in large numbers. Multiphase meters are either used for well testing or for production allocation metering.

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