This paper, one of a group of papers describing the development of BP's Wrest of Shetland "Foinaven" field will set-out the challenges experienced in managing a fast-track project from system design through to offshore installation, ABFI Seatec Limited (formed y GEC Marconi Oil & Gas) were commissioned to provide a Multiplexed Electro-hydraulic Sub sea Control System designed for deepwater and for installation retrievel in a hostile environment, The paper will address the projects critical phase, the project controls implemented, the practical working methods used within a Sub sea Alliance and those revolved in Client interaction, Concurrent Engineering, Team Coaching, Internal Procedures and Interface Management in order to meet the exacting schedule for First Oil deliveries. The Project is currently proceeding on routine production &liveries to complete the field development requirements.


The Project covered the Design, procurement, Manufacture, Assembly ad Testing of equipment for a 22 well development, including three Multilateral Wells. The sub sea controls equipment design was evolved from the experience gained from other deep water projects in the Gulf of Mexico, and North Sea applications, New technology such as the Connection Philosophy, Chemical Metering Valves, Standard Tooling Interfaces and Surface Controlled Reservoir Analysis and Management System (SCRAMS) interfaces had to he incorporated into the system design.

This work was undertaken against a Lump Sum contract with a follow-on period for Post Delivery Support covering Offsite Integration Testing, Installation and Commissioning activities. Key system engineering concerns were the maintenance of Hydraulic Cleanliness and the correct implementation of a Cathodic protection philosophy, Tire critical objective for the control system project was to meet the delivery needs (quantity and schedule) for first Oil. The project management strategy was a ?first' within the Company's' approach to project management and execution. Project Controls and Working Practices undertaken during the Project will he analyzed for the benefit of incorporating lessons learned into future programmed. 11 is the intention of this paper to describe elements of project management technology rather than details of' the equipment design and manufacturing technology.


The critical phase for the program was defused as "First Oil" deliveries (Fig. 1) which was effected over a period of approximate y 13 months. ?Ike first deliverables to support sub sea me testing, within 5 months from contract start-up.

The First Oil programmed was demanding due to acombination of:

  • a delayed start

  • immature scope/interface definition

  • original requiment required to be mainaine

  • an increased resource requirement due to shortening programming times.

The control system is the prime operational component with many sub sea interfaces and consequently requiring interaction with all the sub sea hardware suppliers.

The Level 2 programmed (Fig.2) clearly identifies that the schedule canied little float and therefore contingencies were generated by project decisions. The Foinaven project plans were based on a standard working week, allowing a contingency through the use of extended day and extended week working.. In addition strategic project decisions would minimize delivery risks and will be addressed later in the paper,


In preparing a detailed programmed for the project, the project management strategy for developing the Sub seaControl System

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