Carbon Capture, storage (CCS) and utilization is an integrated solution that can help to abate against carbon dioxide emissions aiding to meet local and global net zero goals. A suite of technical solutions works to capture CO2 that is emitted, followed by compression into pipeline or barging systems that transport into storage sites. At these storage sites, CO2 is injected into rock formations that permanently sequester the CO2 for a long time.

This paper discusses Shell's (refered as "company") ADIP-ULTRA solvent technology, which provides pre-combustion CO2 removal and has been applied to more than 500 units around the world, including the company's operated Quest project in Canada. Quest in Canada is one of the most mature CCS operations in the world having sequestered nearly 8MT so far safely. As part of this technology our company also currently licenses a post combustion capture technology across multiple industries including power, steel, cement, and refining.

In this paper, we will share some of the successful ways of working to overcome barriers of development to create a CCS hub including aspects of successful capture, transport and storage (in underground reservoirs) at scale in North America.

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