First, the maritime and wind potential of the Colombian Caribbean coast was mapped and later a technical analysis, based on an extensive bibliographic review and the use of NASA Power Data Access Viewer (DAV). Then, the current affairs of offshore oil rigs in Colombian basins were studied through available information of government web sites, exploration information and statistical reports. Subsequently, the amount of energy required to supply the necessary processes of the platform was roughly estimated based on theoretical cases of study and field data. Secondly, bearing in mind the above, a methodology was devised to figure out the supply the energy demand and the possibility of deliver the energy excess to the grid; additionally, analyzing the current behavior of local oil and gas industry and reservoir engineering, a forecast was generated to expand the concept of energy security. Finally, the potential use of wind farms for the generation of eolic resource was evaluated. In conformity with the last information and reports available, next years will be the point of start for some offshore Colombian basins, as Sinu-San Jacinto basin, Colombia basin, and Guajira offshore basin. One of the main findings is the wellbore Gorgon-1; on the south, the wells Kronos −1, Purple Angel −1 and Orca - 1 are the prospects to be the main gas producers after 2024, all of them ubicated in deep waters. At the same time, the greater wind potential is placed at the same region where La Guajira area stands out as one of the most favourable sites in Latin America, with Class 7 annual average wind speeds that near 10 m/s", which is due to the Vientos Alisios; the end of this, was 5 different sceneries depending on reservoir fluid type and 3 additional forecasting as the result of oil offshore industry growing. This work provides a roadmap for starting the inclusion of renewable energies as a suitable partner to achieve the objectives of production with less possible CO2 emissions, while the idea of energy transition becomes a reality in the Colombian context.

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