Well Construction Automation is gradually becoming more prominent in oil & gas industry. It encompasses the application of digital technology in all aspects of well drilling and completion (i.e., automatic well design, digitalization of downhole tools & surface equipment, remote monitoring, real time data transmission, and robotic rig systems). This paper presents a new workflow of Automatic Well Design, at a mere click of a computer mouse, using integrated cloud software.

A software tool, named WellDesign, is used to demonstrate Automatic Well Design workflow. It utilizes networks and cloud computers for data storage and collaboration and offers a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling full automation, where whole or parts of the software can be operated by other computers. The software can be accessed via any modern web browser across all kinds of computers and any other smart devices (tablets, phones).

Two automatic design workflows shall be illustrated in detail:

  1. Automatic Well Trajectories

  2. Automatic Casing Design

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