As the industry leans toward achieving higher efficiency and reliability while accomplishing its operational targets and flawless execution, the operational hazards involving personnel and equipment persist, especially on the rig floor, often referred to as the "red zone." With the implementation of a vigilant surveillance and tracking system, every movement including personnel and various machinery is detected. This intelligent and digitally controlled solution stops any unsafe activity that could prevent human injuries and asset damage.

The hazard monitoring technology tracks equipment as well as personnel movement through a unified real-time system with 10-centimeter accuracy. This solution is portable and customizable to suit any rig environment or configuration. The battery-powered sensors track personnel and equipment with respect to the set boundaries established for safe operations. The location coordinates for each object are monitored live and the ability to interfere and/or stop unsafe operations is executed from a single command and control system. In addition, audible and visual alarms and safety interlocks can be established based on various levels of moving or collision hazards in operations.

The regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has stated that one of the topmost hazards in the oil and gas industry is the collision of assets, including personnel and equipment. In addition, three of every five on-site fatalities are the consequence of struck-by/caught-in/caught-between hazards per OSHA IMIS Database.

This innovative surveillance technology was used in the field during the year 2020-21 on an offshore rig in the Asia Pacific region during casing and completions operations, and the results showed a significant added value to the customers that could lead to potential cost savings in the overall rig operational expenditure budget. Another field deployment was performed for an operator in the Gulf of Mexico. During this deployment, the safety and wellbeing of rig personnel were enhanced to avoid any recordable incidents, loss time, or remedial actions resulting from human injuries or equipment damage. This paper will provide comprehensive details on the novelty of this technology and the solution offered to the industry.

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