Rapid tree planting can offset the effects of deforestation caused by human activities and natural disasters. This paper outlines our story, a compelling case of crosspollination and energy transition: a journey which starts with designing degradable shaped charge liners for use in reservoir perforation using high entropy nano-Bulk-Metallic-Glass-Composites (HEA/BMGC) and ends with these being synthesized to design drone delivered seed-pods for re-forestation.

As technology innovators in the energy industry, to offset our carbon footprint, we have embraced environment and natural resources stewardship as one of our core values, with a strong focus on conservation and environmental management policies. We believe our wellbeing; thus, success and nature are intimately intertwined. As such, we are committed to contributing, as individuals and as an organization, to a flourishing human-ecological system. This had led to an endeavor to rapidly plant trees through aerial drones to offset the effects of deforestation.

Here we present, our patented seed-pod, a game changer in reforestation. It stems from an environmentally friendly, lightweight, high-strength biodegradable alloy, providing a nurturing environment for seeds to germinate and grow. We are building high-strength, water reactive or degradable shells to house seeds, nutrients, and water and using a drone with a pneumatic gun to launch these into the ground, burying and planting them. Unlike the existing approaches that deposit seeds on the surface, which are frequently consumed by animals or damaged by inclement weather, that guarantee only a 5-10% survival rate, our approach gives a seed the best chance to germinate and thrive.

The industrial potential of this innovative application and its associated technology is enormous. It can be used in any area affected by natural disaster, for example, fires or where reforestation projects are needed. There are 3 trillion trees in the world and 15 billion are removed each year with only 5 billion being replanted. This can also be offer valuable support in areas such as soil erosion with the consequent loss of land mass to oceans and water bodies and additionally to prevent encroachment of deserts into other natural habitats and urban areas.

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