A detailed knowledge about the health status of the installed assets is the key for continuous production without unexpected events and downtime, which causes production loss. A major aspect is the prediction of the occurrence of a failure before the affected function is demanded. This is one purpose of the Condition Monitoring (CM), Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) and the application of a Digital Twin. The paper presents the result of an ability analysis for a subsea actuator towards its possibilities to increase the availability through a novel and extensive grade of information. The paper presents the resulting architecture and solution to achieve an actuator design, which is capable to provide a high safety, high reliability and a predictive health management which is prepared for a digital twin application. For this purpose, an applied Condition Monitoring concept is described and shown based on the case study.

The analysis and resulting solution is based on a detailed research towards the state of the art. Different available subsea actuators are analyzed towards the communication interfaces and the ability to allow CM. Therefore, the required status and information of the actuator are shown (e.g. Torque, position, temperature, acceleration, water concentration in oil, humidity, pressure, inclinometer). The required environment information about the actuator are evaluated with the help of a failure mode analysis. The different sensor principles provide the necessary information. The paper evaluates the significance of the sensor information towards the CM concept. The data can be provided on different communication interfaces and protocols. These are analyzed towards the satisfaction of the CM requirements.

The result of the analysis is a detailed architecture of a CM capable subsea electric actuator including the CM concept. The possible interfaces are shown and the provided sensor data by the actuator. The sensors provide the input for the CM model and the remote accessibility and controllability of the actuator.

The result is the novel design of a subsea actuator, which fits perfect in a digitalized subsea environment to increase the availability and controllability including a CM concept.

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