The BC10 block encompasses multiple deepwater fields offshore Brazil and is tied-back to the FPSO ´Espirito Santo´. Since achieving first oil in 2009, the production was expanded through the Phase 2 and Phase 3 subsea tie-backs, having by early 2019 a total of 29 wells connected to the system. BC10 is a joint venture among Shell (operator), ONGC and Qatar Petroleum.

As part of the strategy of "filling the hub", the development team matured infill well opportunities, which materialized in New Oil throughout 2019. The delivery of this additional production was enabled by the deployment of various new technologies, which supported the accelerated schedule and low-cost mindset of the project. Most notable is the deployment of the Compact Manifold and jumpers with flexible lines integrated to the horizontal connectors.

In parallel to new wells, the Subsea team worked on a system debottlenecking that enabled the production of additional 2,000 bpd by routing selected fields to dedicated subsea pumps, instead of commingling low- and high-pressure systems into same inlet pressure pumps. This was enabled by installation of an electrical actuator that automated control of a formally manual valve at low CAPEX.

Looking forward, the BC10 Infills Project team is planning for Q1 2020 the installation of the next-generation of Xmas Trees. This Xmas Tree is significantly lighter and cheaper than the previous company standards Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Tree(EVDT). It required significant qualification effort from R&D to ensure all new components delivered as part of this new generation of XT are reliable and satisfy the systems functional requirements. The qualification is completed, it has been confirmed that the well OS2 will carry the first new technology Xmas Tree in 2020.

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