Digitalization involves the use of digital technologies to improve, or create new, business processes that drive operational efficiencies. Moreover, the concept of data democratization allows the fruition of digitalization; the data sources, data processes, and content, to be leveraged and scaled enterprise wide.

Visualization and self-service analytics platforms allow all levels of business more autonomous ability to analyze and communicate data driven solutions to decision makers and those responsible for implementation.

Driving toward digital transformation, modern digitalization strategies include aspects of data democratization. Data content is shared across the enterprise. Entire organizations have access to the raw data sources and data processes in addition to the produced report or visualization itself. This data democratization is the key to reducing replicated work, removing silos, and developing a social network for leveraging the hard data efforts of one business entity for efficient use in another.

Results, observations, and conclusions, as well as solution specifics, will be presented with a series of use cases within the offshore drilling industry.

These use cases are:

  • Digitalization of Rig Activity Performance KPIs using data enablement platforms to build the first version of an interactive Performance Dashboard. Democratized results of this exercise allowed user defined performance measures to be developed specific to proposed customer well specs. These performance measures were quickly analyzed and presented in contract tenders.

  • Digitalizing downtime events and maintenance history reports using data enabling visualization and self-service analytics platforms for flexible and efficient analysis identifying Reliability Improvement Initiatives and Maintenance Optimization opportunities in support of a company's Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System processes.

  • Digitalizing the Cost of Quality KPIs for use in Vendor Scorecards using easily filterable reports and automated distribution of daily updates.

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