The paper presents an overview of the revised guidelines at their current stage of the revision process. The paper starts with the steps of the revision which have been completed and an outline of future work required before completion. The paper finishes with the overview of revised guidelines and highlights for major updates and changes.

The original guidelines had minimum history and experience behind them, and therefore presented generalized terminology and methodology. The 30 years of history and experience since the original publishing provides a background for the new revision. The revised guidelines provide tighter tolerances, specific nomenclature and methodology that produce consistent and repeatable results at different/multiple facilities and time frames. The revision also includes uncertainty analysis to assess the results which vary for all model and facilities.

The initial draft based on the original T&R Bulletin 5-4 (1988) has been edited with comments from both the OC-8 SNAME committee and outside experts (including wind tunnel facilities) several times in the past three years. The overview of the guidelines presents the requirements for a successful test, methodology behind the wind tunnel test parameters, the standardization of axis definition and nomenclature. Wind Tunnel tests results reporting requirements are provided to produce a complete record of the test, the requirements, the methodology used and data presentation.

The revised guidelines provide the background and methodology for wind tunnel facilities to produce consistent and repeatable results, including uncertainties and error bands. Standardization for the nomenclature and reporting for wind tunnel results provides both with tunnel facilities and clients a common language to lower the learning curves and increase understanding of the results.

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