This paper will present how QGOG Constellation, an ultradeepwater drilling contractor, is taking advantage of its Real-Time Operation Center (RTOC) to leverage process safety and performance in six critical areas. The company applies real-time analytics to automatically identify and alert RTOC engineers of abnormal situations.

Data analysis is supported by a data collection mechanism, communicating with a real-time analytics IoT platform. It allows the integration of data generated from drilling packages and BOP, as well as basic environmental information present on units’ drilling data servers.

Operation modes are automatically detected in real time and used as primary information. Algorithms developed by the RTOC team search and raise an alert for any abnormal situation. These tools are organized in six main dimensions: well control, well barrier assessment, equipment safety operational window, drilling problems prediction, process sensor integrity, and BOP monitoring,

A flexible dashboard platform enables RTOC engineers to develop algorithms and graphics that are customized to improve monitoring accuracy and fulfill operational needs. The dashboards that come out of this development target critical operations and allow much more data to be taken into consideration, resulting in a more structured decision-making process. Examples of successfully implemented real-time logics include a comparison of BOP-selected EDS and auto-shear status with the operation mode, comparison of combined loads on a drillstring with the tubular safety envelope, an automated trip sheet which compares the theoretical displacement of a tubular with the trip tank variation, fingerprinting of pumps-off scenarios, and automatic assessment of pressure and volume. These logics turn data into useful information and detect abnormal situations faster, taking into account much more data than a drilling crew could.

Alarms are associated with the scenarios and alert RTOC engineers of any abnormality. After verification, the RTOC communicates the rig and further actions depend on type and severity of the recognized situation.

The RTOC role within a drilling contractor is a new factor. This paper also introduces a methodology where a platform can integrate and synchronize data coming from different data sources, including third party companies and the well operator.

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