This work shares some of the impactful collaborative efforts completed within DeepStar® Global Deepwater Technology Development Program as part of Phase XII projects in X500 Drilling & Completions committees. It will lead to gap identification and provide a current baseline of shearing technologies.

The goal of this research was to survey the BOP industry and gather information about the current state-of-the-art of shearing systems as well as future shearing technologies. The work includes: development of a survey form/table, data collection, and reporting.

A survey table has been developed as part of the present project. The survey table includes: equipment specification (description/type, rated pressure, rams type, etc.), equipment capabilities (water depth rating, compatibility with H2S environment, working temperature range, etc.), equipment options to improve performance (customizable options to enhance shearing performance ram capabilities and/or options for specific applications such as sour service), and testing (repeatability of shearing and durability performance, tested pipe sizes, wall thicknesses, material grades, evidence of testing, etc.).

The desired outcome of the present work includes DeepStar® operators members being allowed access to performance information regarding current state-of-the-art shearing systems summarized in one report. The report will facilitate discussion about the available shearing capabilities as well as future technologies. This document can also be helpful in selecting BOP providers (and/or future technology providers that will be able to operate in 20 ksi pressure conditions).

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