DeepStar® is an operator funded Research & Development collaboration between oil & gas (O&G) companies, vendors, regulators and academic/research institutes started in 1991. DeepStar has focused on issues and technologies that are required to successfully tackle future development and production challenges identified by DeepStar members.

The overall discussion is based on thought process from initial equipment design, materials select and qualification, to implementing new subsea technologies. In recent years, DeepStar has had a focused effort within the area of HPHT, in material selection and technology standardization, and this presentation will highlight this continuous work during the conference.

The drive is to understand current industry efforts and developing a roadmap of industry capabilities and gaps for 20K completions focusing future efforts to areas where potential roadblocks may still exist. DeepStar has developed a current state of shearing technology by surveying and documenting existing industry BOP technology and capability for shearing. To carrying out design verification and the verification of the methods prescribed in API SC 17 TR 8 using the representative 5 inch 20 K / 350°F TEE flange, and the funding of the qualification and development of a 20 ksi rated tubular composite riser suitable to be used in deep and ultra-deep waters.

DeepStar focuses on developing standardized approaches for materials and systems qualification. The approach is to start by understanding the design conditions that equipment will operate under and by developing a comprehensive listing of all reservoir and fluid data needed for laboratory analyses and corrosion modeling as inputs for the material selection basis of design (MSBOD). The framework developed can then examine industry design practices and provide validation to current recommended framework. A focus on modeling software, like a recent study focused on hydrate formation in high pressure environment, would lead to a more accuracy predict hydrate stability at high pressure in high salinity brines, allowing projects and operators to save in several areas reducing chemical cost, hydrate and scale formation.

Recently DeepStar has undergone significant strategic change. The first being managed and administrated by an independent third party, the Offshore Operators Committee (OOC) which has taken ownership of the DeepStar copyright and membership network to include organization technical forum, industry roadmaps, and current state of the industry papers. In addition, they plan to start a significant number of satellite projects which are relevant to the oil and gas operators and the vendor committee through a standardized joint industry project contracting strategy. The second significant change is in the scale and type of project that the DeepStar program initiates. No longer is the research and development set to a specific amount, operators pay a small CORE membership fee that supports the working committees and allow the organization to produce timely relevant documents that address industry concerns and allow for the development of complex and collaborative Research and Development project which the greater industry can participate.

This abstract outlines DeepStar's strategies, projects and accomplishments through a collaborative effort amongst operators, engineering firm, manufactory, academic institutions, and government regulators. Through this collaborative effort, DeepStar members have been able to minimize the cost and risk of technology development, while at the same time making the most of the organization's particular technology achievements. This aligns with DeepStar's vision for the development of offshore technology, which is closely tied to the concept of cooperation and evolution of a synergistic relationship among the members within the O&G community. DeepStar has continuously tackled industry wide issues and provided a forum for discussion and technology acceleration.

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