This paper describes a case study in the Gulf of Mexico, which demonstrates how new patented flow access technology was successfully used for the first time by an Operator and was one of the contributing factors to the tieback being able to achieve discovery to first oil in 11 months – a record for the Operator.

The paper demonstrates how the Enpro Subsea's Flow Access Modules (FAM) enabled the Operator to use an existing standard stock tree tying back to a spare slot on an existing subsea manifold, by removing intervention engineering for enhanced recovery solutions ‘off the tree’. This decoupling enabled concurrent engineering tasks and therefore de-risked and reduced the critical path of project schedule. As an added benefit, the Operator realized added flexibility and benefits that the FAM technology provides for the asset life of field.

The paper will showcase how, despite the Operator having existing tree and manifold from two different OEM vendors with different flowline connector types, the integration of the flow access hubs at either end of the flowline allowed a range of enhanced production solutions to be fitted at various locations throughout the life of field.

This enhanced production solution gives Operators many operational and commercial benefits due to the flexibility it provides.

In addition to faster delivery and lower cost constraints; the project also required:

  • Retrievable multiphase metering (with water and sand detection); plus

  • Methanol injection (for potential flow assurance issues); plus

  • Automated flow isolation valve (used for long shutdowns); plus

  • Fluid intervention for flowline hydrate remediation; plus

  • Fluid intervention for reservoir stimulation.

Other enhanced recovery solutions enabled by the flow access technology, but not included in the scope of this case study, include:

  • Fluid Sampling

  • Multiphase Pumping

  • HIPPs

  • Secondary Well Control.

The paper will showcase how all five solutions were successfully delivered and installed subsea. On the world stage, this parallel flow path technology represents a global opportunity for enhanced production from both brownfield and greenfield assets.

The results in the paper will:

  • Explain how the flow access technology and intervention hubs were able to reduce risk and length of delivery schedule.

  • Provide a comparison with the traditional flow access methods, and outline the major benefits for industry of this technology.

  • Describe how Operators can gain access to a full suite of enhanced production strategies through the life of field for new and mature assets.

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