Magma Global manufactures a thermoplastic composite pipe for use in high performance riser, jumper spool and intervention line applications. m-pipe® is a unique product manufactured from PEEK, carbon fibre and glass fibre materials using an automated laser-based welding process.

Managing the qualification of new technology is a significant challenge. Magma must demonstrate the reliability of m-pipe® to its customers, to third-party assessors, and to the regulators. Since thermoplastic composite pipe is a new area of technology, Magma has combined the guidance from a newly published DNV recommended practice [1] with a risk based approach to qualification management [2].

This paper gives a summary of the approach used by Magma to qualify m-pipe®. It describes the methods used to:

Identify and mitigate risks in the design and manufacturing processes.

Comply with relevant requirements from existing codes and standards that are applicable to the design and qualification processes.

Develop test procedures to evaluate both fundamental material behaviour and structural behaviour of the complete product.

Develop analysis models and design tools based on learnings from the testing.

Collaborate with suppliers, operators and other manufacturers to develop a new standard specifically related to m-pipe® type thermoplastic composite pipes.


It is hoped that these learnings will be useful to others in the wider oil and gas community who are working on the development of novel materials technology.

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