The paper provides an overview of the value proposition for a 6 MW subsea pump unit in deep water subsea applications. 6 MW subsea pumps are needed for High Pressure High Temperature (HPTH) field developments, but they are not currently commercially available on the market. Development of a 6 MW subsea pump is based on the successful qualification of a 3.2 MW subsea pump. However, the technical challenges of almost doubling the shaft power, electrical current, maximum operating temperature and increasing the pressure rating to 15 ksi are successfully resolved. The paper also will describe any technology gaps and generally address how those gaps are closed.

The overview includes the steps taken to identify technical gaps and the methods to close them. The paper will provide an overview of the component qualification program.

Based on industry best practices, qualification testing and analysis is implemented to close identified gaps and provide confidence in successful completion of the subsea pump development. This is the first development of a subsea pump with a liquid filled motor rated to 6 MW shaft power. It is also the first subsea mudline pump rated to 15 ksi design pressure and 350 F temperature.

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