"Pipeline Repair with Epoxy Technology"; an economic permanent solution

Mechanical connectors have long been the accepted methodology for subsea pipeline repairs in benign waters accessible by divers. However, as the requirement to undertake repairs in increasingly deep and challenging environments has increased and infrastructures become ever more mature, the need for an economic deep water repair solution has become critical.

The current mechanical connector technology present issues such as size, weight and the requirement for fine alignment. These become critical parameters in the design of a repair system, especially on larger diameter lines. These fundamental issues can also have a detrimental effect on the choice of installation vessels and suitable weather window to perform the repair.

A new pipeline repair approach using Epoxy technology developed by Subsea7 addresses all of these issues. A specially formulated epoxy, injected into the annulus formed between the pipeline outer diameter and the repair connector provides both the axil and hoop strength necessary to provide a long term repair. Repair connectors no longer require highly technical sealing arrangements that rely upon tight diametrical control and precise ovality checks, consequently they are much smaller, lighter and far easier to install than conventional mechanical connectors.

This paper will illustrate the Epoxy technology itself, the qualification process and the many types of applications it is suited for. Critically, it will demonstrate the technical, schedule and installation advantages of Epoxy technology over conventional mechanical connector pipeline repair solutions.

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