ROV based subsea facilities diagnostics have evolved from an intervention ofnecessity to identify faults, in particular for power and fluids distributionsystems and also flowlines, trees and manifolds. From this use during the postconstruction life of a field these techniques are now used for commissioning ofsystems during construction.

For electro-optical umbilicals subsea testing includes:

  • Time-domain reflectometry

  • Optical time-domain reflectometry

  • Megohmmetry (IR)

  • Resistance measurement

  • Signal analysis by:

  • Oscilloscope

  • Sampling optical oscilloscope

  • For hydraulic umbilicals subsea testing includes:

  • Hydro testing

  • Pressure vs. volume

  • Displacement

  • For flow-lines:

  • Hydro testing

  • Pressure vs. volume

  • Displacement

  • Pig launching

For systems ROV work-over controls provide the operator with the ability tofunction trees, manifolds and modules with an ROV independent of topsidesfacilities.


  • Fault finding

  • Quantitative Analysis

  • Pre-commissioning

  • Commissioning

  • Function testing

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