A pilot for a subsea 12,5 MW Gas compressor system is built, and will be operated in an onshore test pit environment for 2 years before being evaluated and deployed subsea. Several new components have been qualified during the pilot project, e.g. subsea UPS, subsea High Voltage Circuit Breakers, subsea Variable Speed Drives, Active Magnetic Bearing system and electric valve actuators. During these 2 years of pilot testing, a large number of parameters will be monitored and logged (in the order of 1 million data stored per second). After 2 years, there will be logged appr. 250 TByte of data. The intended use of this data is to obtain detailed knowledge on the behavior of the various components, to observe gradual degradation in performance over time, and for trouble-shooting and diagnostics in case of upsets. For the final subsea plant, the goal is to have a system for Condition Based Maintenance, based on the knowledge gained during the pilot testing. This paper describes the plant, the various data sources, the data network collecting the data, the storage system and the retrieval / visualization / analysis system.

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